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Perino & Vele | Piazza XX Settembre

The new site-specific installation by Perino & Vele presents a new version of the traditional "catuozzo" caudino: a pyre of old pots is piled in the back of an old Piaggio Ape that gives off a striking red light, designed by the light designer Filippo Cannata. 

San Martino Valle Caudina | 8 December 2016 - permanent installation


Francesco Irnem | Satellite Collicola - Casa Romana

GROUND LAYER tries to stimulate the reflection on archetypes and their fluid movement, on the ways in which "traditional" languages are leaking into electronic textures, on the language systems that manage the classic memory and its complex "conservation".  

Spoleto | 3 December 2016 - 26 March 2017 


Giovanni Albanese | Palazzo Collicola

Telling abnormally food, according to relations that do not belong to the everyday rules; narrating visual art in an equally anomalous way, crossing the twentieth century in unexpected shapes and unsettling.

Spoleto | 3 dicembre 2016 - 12 febbraio 2017


Emanuela Fiorelli | Camera dei Deputati

A great art exhibition in the Palazzo Montecitorio "Sala della Regina" to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the women's vote in Italy.

Roma | 1 dicembre 2016 - 18 gennaio 2017


Fabrizio Corneli | Istituto Italiano di Cultura

As part of the sixteenth Week of the Science in Madrid, the Italian Cultural Institute in Madrid has opened the Fabrizio Corneli solo show "Schegge d'ombra".  

Madrid | 17 novembre 2016 - 27 gennaio 2017


Saul Melman | FlashBack art fair

12 PVC posters 4x2mt punctuate the visitor's path along the corridors of the fair.

Among the artists involved in the project there is also SAUL MELMAN, that on November 5th, at 3.00pm, also participates in the talk "The potential of culture" to describe his involvement in this project.  

Turin | 3 - 6 November 2016 


Emanuela Fiorelli | Ferrarinarte

Secret places, labyrinths without walls, figures walking a fine line. The gallery doesn't have no more the rigor of a "white box" and it opens in a fragmentary, multiple, elusive dimension.  

Legnago | 29 Octber 2016 - 7 January 2017


Davide Bramante | Galleria Carta Bianca

The exhibition season of the Carta Bianca gallery opens with a Davide Bramante's solo show.  

Catania | 28 October - 6 December 2016 


Elena Nonnis | Interno 14

The empty rooms, seemingly without history, wear for a few days the "clothes" of Elena Nonnis: old linen canvases with black signs, sewn or just drawn with pen or pencil.

Rome | 25 October - 20 November 2016 


Perino & Vele | MACRO Via Nizza

This is the fourth appointment of the series of exhibitions that will harness the permanent collection of MACRO, shown in rotation in the museum rooms, which presents a selection of works related to the theme of the political, social and civil commitment.

Rome | 20 October 2016 - 10 May 2017


Maria Elisabetta Novello | Palazzo delle Esposizioni

Maria Elisabetta Novello is included in the 16th "Quadriennale d'Arte" of Rome (Italy) with a site specific installation within the "Periferiche" section, curated by Denis Viva.  

Roma | 13 October 2016 - 8 January 2017


Emanuela Fiorelli | Antonella Cattani contemporary art

"E-Levarsi dal caos" is the title of the Emanuela Fiorelli solo show. The artist used the elastic or cotton thread as it was a 3d sign.  

Bozen | 16 September - 9 November 2016


Davide Bramante | Galerie L & C Tirelli

The Swiss gallery presents the solo show of the photographer Davide Bramante entitled "Viaggiata".

Vevey | 10 September - 15 October 2016


Emanuela Fiorelli, Paolo Radi | Frankfurter Westend Galerie

The Frankfurter Westend Galerie is 50 years old and, for the occasion, 50 Italian and German artists present their works in the exhibition "Specchio Italia".

For the occasion the artists have created works, images and reflections about Italy. Among the paintings, photos, collages, objects and light installations there are abstract compositions with atmospheres and colors which are from Italy, but that however exceed the limits of time and space.

Francoforte | 10 September - 28 October 2016


Saul Melman | rotatoria di Piazza Bottesini, barriera di Milano

The Flashback fair, six months before the opening (3 to 6 November 2016), presents the project "Opera Viva Barriera di Milano".

Curated by Christian Caliandro, five young artists - Zanbagh Lotfi, Andrea Mastrovito, Saul Melman, Aryan Ozmaei, Gian Maria Tosatti - have been invited along with him to interact with ad space of three by six meters in one of the place with the highest density of immigration. 

Turin | 2 - 30 September 2016


Maria Elisabetta Novello | Rocchetta Mattei

On the occasion of the first exhibition at the Rocchetta Mattei after its restoration, seventeen artists dialogue with the creation of the Count Mattei and they speak us about the wonder of this amazing architecture.

Grizzana Morandi | 29 July - 30 October 2016


Perino & Vele | Ex Tribunale

"Fuori Uso 2016" will be held in the former Court of Pescara, in Piazza Alessandrini in Portanuova. It is a particular edition that reflects on an important question of contemporary Italian art. For the first time in "Fuori Uso" will be exhibited the works of teachers and students from the Academies of Fine Arts from all Italy. The intent is to give a key role to the Academies in the contemporary art system. Infact the young talents are ensured by their own teachers.

Pescara | 22 July - 3 September 2016


Perino & Vele | MAXXI

From the archive of Art Doc Festival a selection of Italian and international documentaries on contemporary art.

Thursday, July 21, at 9pm, in the YAP MAXXI space will be screened "Video su carta" (Italy, 2011, 18 ') by Antonello Matarazzo. Three authors, two visions in comparison, a journey through the imagination of Perino & Vele, searching the creative motive of the production of the two artists from Campania. 

Rome | 21 July 2016


Daniel Rich | The Standard High Line

On July 7th will be released "Windows and Mirrors", a book surveying the work of Daniel Rich.

The presentation will take place at The Standard High Line Gift Shop, 442 West 13th St., 5pm - 8pm.  

New York | 7 luglio 2016


Elvio Chiricozzi | private house

Anna Marra Contemporanea is pleased to present the Elvio Chiricozzi solo show in London (apt. 2 | 63, Compton Street), organized in collaboration with Giuliano Catalli and Bertolami Fine Arts. 

London | 1 July - 30 September 2016


Licia Galizia | Goethe-Institut Rom

Inside the event "Arte Scienza 2016" Licia Galicia exhibits the sculptural-musical works created with Michelangelo Lupone and produced by CRM. Based on Planofoni, technologies which allow a homogeneous spread on the surfaces, these works integrate the music to the plastic form and are able to interact with the public and adapt to the environment

Rome | 1 - 8 July 2016


Davide Bramante | Korea Foundation

The "No East, No West" exhibition, which is being co-hosted by the Korea Foundation and the Italian Institute in Seoul, introduces the photographic works of the Italian artist Davide Bramante.

The exhibition features vivid images of unique sites in Korea’s Seoul and Busan, as well as Milan, New York, Rome, Florence, and Hong Kong, which have been taken during Bramante’s travels around the world.

Seoul | 17 June - 6 July 2016


Fair | POWER! The Solo Project

We are pleased to report that we have been selected to participate at POWER!, the curatorial section of The Solo Project art fair. In our booth works of Fabrizio Corneli and Perino & Vele.

Basel | 13 - 18 June 2016


Emanuela Fiorelli | POWER! The Solo Project

We are pleased to report that Emanuela Fiorelli presents one of his installations with Renata Fabbri gallery at POWER!, the curatorial section of The Solo Project art fair.  

Basel | 13 - 18 June 2016


Claudia Peill | Casa di Goethe

Two hundred years ago it was published the first part of Goethe's Italian Journey. On this occasion the "Casa di Goethe" has invited three artists living in Rome to confront the famous text. 

Rome | 8 June - 11 September 2016


Claudia Peill | Museo dell'Arte Classica

The exhibition presents a selection of artists who have spoken in the Roman archaeological sites or have made the theme in their search the ruins and the greek-Roman as unfinished: not antique as "classic", immutable value to counter the fluidity of today, but rather re-interpreted in the light of our days.

Roma | 21 maggio - 18 giugno 2016


Veronica Botticelli | Spazio Cerere

The friendship of twenty-six artists, both established and emerging, has offered to Eligio Paoni many works as valuable containers, unique materials to encyst with amplifiers, CD players or turntables. The result is a highly original encounter between art, design, crafts and music that making a mockery of the aura of the work of art at the same time it multiplies the excitement.

Roma | 21 - 22 maggio 2016


Fair | London ART16

We are pleased to announce that we will be at London ART 16 with works by Veronica Botticelli, Davide Bramante, Fabrizio Corneli, Sean Crossley, Maria Elisabetta Novello. 

London | 19 - 22 May 2016


Emanuela Fiorelli, Paolo Radi | Spazio MR arte e architettura

The exhibition Prologue compares the works in a dialogue that explores the many facets of organic matter, inorganic and digital. 

Roma | 17 maggio - 17 giugno 2016


Paolo Radi | MAC Lissone

The MAC museum (Lissone, Italy) presents the most recent art works by Paolo Radi.

"Al Divenire" is the ideal and physical core of the installation that the artist has designed for the Gino Meloni hall of the museum. 

Lissone | 16 April - 10 May 2016


Fair | Drawing Now

We are pleased to announce that we will be at Drawing Now with works by Michael Ryan. 

Paris | 29 March - 3 April 2016


Sean Crossley | Museumportal Berlin

The group show collects art works, objects, performances, readings to reflect on the archetypal figure of the "father" and the changes of meaning that it has undergone over time.  

Berlin | 18 March - 9 April 2016


Claudia Peill | Galerie L & C Tirelli

The work of Claudia Peill, between photography and painting, exhibited at the Swiss gallery. 

Vevey | 10 March - 30 April 2016


Claudia Peill | Ambasciata d'Italia

Two hundred years ago it was published the first part of Goethe's Italian Journey. On this occasion the "Casa di Goethe" has invited three artists living in Rome to confront the famous text.

Berlin | 2 March - 9 May 2016


Michael Ryan | Cathouse Proper

The Michael Ryan's solo-show, which will host intricate and monumental works by the American artist, will inaugurate the new exhibition space Cathouse Proper.  

Brooklyn | 27 February - 9 April 2016


Daniela Papadia | Le Dame Art Gallery

First solo-show by Daniela Papadia in UK, "Human Genome - The Table of Alliance" will host tapestries on which are embroidered the human chromosomes.

During the opening it will be possible also admire the great tapestry on which was embroidered the mapping of the human genome by six women of different nationalities, detained at the Rebibbia Prison District.  

London | 19 February - 4 March 2016


Claudia Peill, Perino & Vele | Temple University

Anni '90/Zero is an exhibition that presents a selection of the artists who participated in the "I Martedì Critici", focusing on the attitude to proceed alone, beyond community logic. The shared project, such as human and creative horizon, loses its natural urgencies: artists do not write more manifesto, always born less groups, there are no more solid and recognizable movements.

Rome | 16 February - 4 March 2016


Giovanni Albanese | Temple University

Anni '80/'90 is an exhibition that presents a selection of the artists who participated in the "I Martedì Critici", focusing on the "middle generation" that has emerged with an innovative language, oriented to contamination and impregnated of the post-modern new wave, while the taste and the market were guided by the two reference phenomena in Italy: Arte Povera and Transavanguardia. 

Rome | 26 January - 12 February 2016















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