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Perino & Vele | Museo MADRE

"The big archive 1994-2014" is the title of the site specific installation designed for the outdoor courtyard of MADRE Museum by the artist duo. The work becomes part of the permanent collection of the museum and celebrates twenty years of cooperation and activities of the two artists.

The work consists of 66 boxes of galvanized iron and 9 fiberglass tar pots, with different shapes and sizes. The arrangement of the individual elements that make up the work, "broken down" between them, recalls, in its unity of perception, the crenellated wall that runs along the museum courtyard behind which the work is located.

Napoli | from 20 December 2014


Giovanni Albanese | San Francesco della Scarpa

In the complex of San Francesco della Scarpa in Lecce it will be the exhibition "District 913", curated by Giorgio De Finis with works by Giovanni Albanese, Paolo Assenza, Danilo Bucchi, Paolo Buggiani, Pablo Echaurren, Carlo Gianferro, Veronica Montanino, Cristiano Petrucci, Maurizio Savini, Michele Welke and the same De Finis. 

Produced in cooperation with the Museo dell’Altro e dell’Altrove Metropoliz (Rome), the exhibition is a journey in search of the artistic experiences that have treated or experienced the uprooting of emigration, transforming it into the object of their creativity.

Lecce | 20 December 2014


Veronica Botticelli | Archivio di Stato

The works of the winners of the sixth edition of the Terna Prize for contemporary art and those of all the finalists will be on display at the State Archives of Turin.

A final group-show of 30 works that tells the viewpoint of the artists on the future, about the expectation of what will be, and the interpretation of the past still unknown. "The art looks ahead", this is, in fact, the title of the exhibition and the theme of the Award that winners and finalists have interpretated with boldness and without a single direction.

Turin | 15 December 2014 - 15 January 2015


Al Ghetto Contemporaneamente | Anna Marra Contemporanea, Artughet

In the wake of the current trend that aspires to bring the high quality of food in everyday life, Artughet wants to share the theme of Expo 2015, about the traditions and creativity between the pleasure of the palate, exquisitely Italian, and the visual art.

The purpose of Art&Food is not only to offer a taste journey, but also bring the public closer to artistic expression through a familiar and shared gesture.

Rome | 14 December 2014


Giovanni Albanese | Palazzo Collicola

"BACULUS / 4th" final itinerary: sticks and scepters of contemporary artists exhibited one after the other, as in a festive parade, between the Gallery and the Sala degli Archi  of Palazzo Collicola. The exhibition brings together the work of artists, artisans, cultural workers, collectors, connoisseurs of the earth and popular traditions. The stick is revealed like a complex functional archetype, linked to Man through the ages, according to customs and traditions that vary narratives specifications. From object to walk to blunt weapon, from prosthetic for sports to scepter, the stick elaborates multiple variations around its geometrical synthesis.

Spoleto | 13 December 2014 - 1 March 2015


Emanuela Fiorelli | Espace Expression

An amazing panoramic which is continous evolving about the geometric abstraction in contemporary art. With pieces by more than 60 artists, the exhibition brings together the leading figures of geometric abstraction and kinetic art, as well as the bold proposals of young artists, in a magnificent selection of constructive art.

Miami | 1 December 2014 - 28 February 2015


Teodosio Magnoni | Istituto Statale di istruzione Superiore "A. Bafile"

At the Liceo Scientifico "A. Bafile" of L'Aquila, it will be inaugurated the fourth edition of the project "Polvere negli occhi, nel cuore sogni", created and curated by the teacher and artist Licia Galizia, who every year engages in the organization of workshops aimed at creating a 'art work.

The educational institution hardly encourages the initiative and renews with honors the confidence in this new form of learning and growth.

This day also celebrates the 80th anniversary (1934-2014) of the Lyceum at the presence of representatives of local institutions.

L'Aquila | 29 November 2014 


Teodosio Magnoni | Il triangolo nero

The presented works cover a period of almost fifty years. The departure of this excursus is done by a large number of studies-projects, which date back to the mid-60s, which, from a distance, appear to us as precious and skilled sheets, with reflections and cancellations, that convey the will and anxiety of pinning ideas, of smelling spatial solutions, of chasing the space of sculpture conceptualizing the possibility of connecting it to the simplicity of laconic and strict geometry.

Alessandria | 22 November 2014 - 15 January 2015


Paolo Radi | Antonella Cattani contemporary art

"Shifting shape", Paolo Radi's solo-show at Antonella Cattani contemporary art gallery, is proposed as an experience of space between discipline and senses.

The works, triggered by visual mechanisms that stimulate our perception, seem to repeat a cycle of transformations unpredictable and uncontrollable up to act physically on the entire perception of space, forming a new spatial variation. The shifting shape - the shape that changes - looks to allude to its physicality, result instead of an optical dynamic process that reaches the threshold of a provocation.

Bolzano | 21 November 2014 - 30 January 2015


Daniela Papadia | Piazza del Campidoglio

For a day of Piazza del Campidoglio will host "The Table of the Alliance", a performance by Daniela Papadia, which will represent an unpublished banquet, an ideal banquet offered as spiritual nourishment to the citizens, tourists and all those who during the day will pass through the area enclosed by the star of Michelangelo.

Rome | 9 November 2014


Vincenzo Rulli | Anna Marra Contemporanea

Anna Marra Contemporanea participates in the 10th Contemporary Art Day, sponsored by AMACI, with the exhibition "My memory is somewhere else", a solo-show by Vincenzo Rulli.

Rome | 11 October 2014


Perino & Vele | Museo Arcos

The title of the exhibition "In and out of the skin" arises in connection with the 53th National Congress of dermatologists. In relation to the scientific conference the skin has been used as a metaphor of surface and casing, separation between inside and outside.

The artists have created or selected works that are site-specific and topic-specific, then by relating to the architectural characteristics of a strikingly beautiful as the Museum of Benevento and referring to the theme in a more or less explicit, while maintaining a link with the skin, without neglecting the relationship with a city that in itself evokes myths and magic.

Benevento | 25 September - 20 October 2014


Perino & Vele | Certosa di San Giacomo

It is staged in Capri an art  theater whose protagonists offer to the public, through different languages and techniques - from painting to sculpture, photography, video, installation - their view of the present world. Experiences that open to reflection on the meaning of making art today in a global system that not only is wide open, but in rapid and constant change.

Capri | 13 September - 12 October 2014


Emanuela Fiorelli, Paolo Radi | Frankfurter Galerie

On the occasion of the 450th anniversary of the death of Michelangelo Buonarroti the Frankfurter Westend Galerie has invited fourteen Italian artists, born after 1960, to open a dialogue with the great Renaissance master.

The artists involved are Anna Clara Beltrami, Marco Casentini, Giovanni Cerri, Raffaele Cioffi, Marina Falco, Emanuela Fiorelli, Giovanna Fra, Liliana Malta, Ester Maria Negretti, Federico Palerma, Paolo Radi, Franco Ruaro, Fabio Valenti e Sandro Vannini. 

Frankfurt | 6 September - 24 October 2014


Licia Galizia | MACRO, via nizza

Within ArteScienza 2014, on the occasion of the OASI, adaptive sculptural musical installation art by Licia Galizia and Michelangelo Lupone, at the Space Area Museum there will be three workshops / meetings with the public about the use of integrated artworks.

Rome | 10, 17, 24 July 2014


Emanuela Fiorelli | ArtBasel

Denise René gallery participates in the Art Basel fair with works, among others, by Emanuela Fiorelli

Basel | 19 - 22 June 2014


Daniela Papadia | Rebibbia Prison District

The traveling performance "The table of the alliance" by Daniela Papadia sees its first stop at the Rebibbia prison. Here, around a table covered with a tapestry on which has been embroidered the mapping of the human genome by a group of six held, will be 36 scientific and cultural international personalities, committed to dialogue around a banquet.

Rome | 12 June 2014


Perino & Vele | artist's studio

The project "Sistema Irpinia per la Cultura Contemporanea" reaches its climax with the exhibition "What happens in Rotondi?"

The artists Eugenio Giliberti, Luigi Mainolfi, Umberto Manzo, Perino & Vele, Lucio and Peppe Perone open, in a unique opportunity, their studios to the public by exposing works created especially for this occasion.

Rotondi | 24 May - 1 June 2014


Emanuela Fiorelli | Anna Marra Contemporanea

The gallery will host, within the exhibition by Emanuela Fiorelli "The event horizon", the performance "In-tensioni reciproche".

The project is an experiment in progress of three artists of the visual and performative field: Massimo Cappellani (photography) Katia Di Rienzo (choreography and dance) Emanuela Fiorelli (installation).

The event is part of "Musical Reflections", curated by Vasco Bolasco and Marta NoOne, involving the ArtuGhet association galleries, in collaboration with the Sala Santa Rita, and which will see young musicians who will be inspired by the exhibitions proposed in the ArtuGhet spaces. 

Rome | 21 May 2014


Paolo Radi | FerrarinArte

The exhibition dedicated to the work of Paolo Radi will present approximately forty works, including, in addition to works that combine synthetic materials and painting, some design drawings and works on paper that combine traces and fragments of writing, drawing, physical presences and impregnable memories, schedules that always allude to the idea of interiority. 

Legnago | 17 May - 21 June 2014


Emanuela Fiorelli | Antonella Cattani contemporary art

The color, the protagonist in the twenty works created especially for this show, has empathetic reason, atmosphere; the dyeing of the tarlatan canvas, that the artist makes applying an ancient technique learned in Turkey, serves to control, as in the dark room, the right tone.

The bright and intense colors show the sketched drawing with wire and contrast to the rigorous design, own of each job, a "lightness" dictated by a rhythm. 

Bolzano | 10 May - 28 July 2014


Un saluto a Mara | Tempietto egizio

It is with great sorrow that we announce that Mara Coccia, lighted gallerist and milestone of cultural Roman scenario, is dead on Monday, April 28.

Mara opened her first art gallery in Rome, in 1963: the Studio d'Arte Arco d'Alibert, which distinguished itself from the beginning for the quality of the initiatives and of the exhibition program, contemplated as pure militancy in contemporary. Wednesday, April 30 the greeting at the Egyptian Temple, inside the Verano Cemetery.

Rome | 30 April 2014


Giovanni Albanese | Parco Regionale dell'Appia Antica

Twenty-four words, just as many artists: the words of the Constitution devoted to the cultural and landscape heritage create the exceptional group work "Art for Article 9" in the Regional Park of Appia Antica. 25 years after the establishment of the park, we have mobilized important contemporary Italian artists to "interpret" the words of Article 9 of the Constitution in order to revive the civil commitment for environmental protection, "said Mario Tozzi, Commissioner of the Regional Park Appia Antica.

Rome | 26 April 2014


Claudia Peill | MACRO, via reggio emilia

Host of the fourth appointment with "Martedì Critici", which will take place at the cinema hall of the MACRO, will be Claudia Peill.

Rome | 22 April 2014


Fabrizio Corneli | Museo di Palazzo Pretorio

For the exhibition "Prato Contemporanea" Fabrizio Corneli proposes two installations: one temporary, on the ground floor of the Praetorian Palace, "Pelli di luce" (2001-2011), purchased by the "Amici del Pecci" and never been exposed to the public, and another one permanent, "Grande sognatrice" (2014), set up on a wide wall in Piazza Santa Maria in Castello in the city center. 

Prato | 11 April 2014


Licia Galizia | MACRO, via nizza

The MACRO Museum in Rome presents "OASI", the original sculptural-musical installation born from the collaboration between the artist Licia Galizia and the composer Michelangelo Lupone.

The installation, accessible to all without barriers of accessibility, is conceived as a place of multi-sensory experience, which integrates the plastic forms to music, generated and modulated by the same artwork, and allows the visitor a more participatory use, through an interactive environment in which diving, capable of changing behavior as a function of events that take place in its interior. 

Rome | from 9 April 2014


Fair | SetUp

We are pleased to announce that we will be exhibiting at SetUp art-fair with the exhibit "A possible reality" by Lorenzo Respi, which involves works by Veronica Botticelli and Vincenzo Rulli.

Bologna | 23 - 26 January 2014


Fabrizio Corneli | Palazzo Bevilacqua

Palazzo Bevilacqua Ariosti, on the occasion of "Arte Fiera 2014", hosts the site-specific project "Mehr Licht" by Fabrizio Corneli and Pietro Pirelli, curated by Eli Sassoli de' Bianchi and Olivia Spatola. The two artists Fabrizio Corneli and Pietro Pirelli give life to a "symphony" of light expressed through different languages but equally evocative.

Bologna | 23 - 27 January 2014










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