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Daniela Papadia | La Tavola dell'Alleanza

curated by Mirta D'Argenzio


9 November 2014 | Piazza del Campidoglio, Rome


“The Table of Alliance” is a banquet performance piece combining art, science and social comment by Italian artist Daniela Papadia.

The piece was first presented inside Rome’s Rebibbia city prison. Following on from Rebbibia, a second performance will feature the same banquet table, but without the diners. At the Rebibbia banquet each guest wrote a word that he or she bequeathed to the community.

For this performance, the artist has created thirty-six plates, writing on each one the word that each of the 36 guests left behind. Their plates as an offering of nourishment to others.

A city square is a place of collective life, of intra-personal exchange, a fundamental place of meeting, acting as a

stage-set for identity and a sense of belonging to community.

Which is why anyone who wishes to leave their own word as a mark of exchange with community is invited to do so.

Only by continuously weaving the invisible thread of community can we repair the tears in its fabric.

The performance at Campidoglio is curated by Mirta d'Argenzio, produced by Sveva Manfredi Zavaglia with the support of Anna Marra Contemporanea. 






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