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Davide Bramante | Più di una volta, più di una storia

curated by Giorgia Calò


January 14th - March 7th 2015



On wednesday January 14th, at 6.30pm it will inaugurate the David Bramante's solo-show, entitled More than once, more than one story, curated by Giorgia Calò.


In the exhibition are shown eight photographs in black and white and color, created especially for the gallery.

The works, of large and medium format, describe Roma through the analogue technique of multiple exposure during shooting, that distinguishes the work of Bramante since over twenty years.

Through his works the artist gives rise to a unique urban vedutism, that is able to coexist in a single photograph different times and stories.This is the way the image renews itself, it becomes something else, something “suprahistorical” in a process of atemporal continuity.


Explains Giorgia Calò: "Works of art, like the cities in which they are found, are for Bramante a source of constant inspiration and the privileged subjects of his research.  The artist meditates on the meaning of the image and its copy.  For this reason the overlays, if on the one hand they tend to distort and decontextualise the image itself, on the other they demonstrate a strong attraction to the past.  All is already a given, beauty and harmony transmitted by man over the centuries: paintings, palaces, churches or monuments.  ‘Look’, Bramante seems to say to us, ‘remember the infinite number of works made by man and that each city hides more than one history.  Remember that one can see from more than one perspective.  So the artist brings together these fragments of beauty and harmony and gives them back to us using eye as a lens”.


In the small space that connects the two rooms of the gallery are exposed a series of recent watercolored photos. These artworks, of small dimensions, are born by the intervention of the artist who works on the photographs, transforming them into fine paintings.


Davide Bramante, born in Syracuse in 1970, has worked and lived in Turin, Rome, Bologna, Milan and New York. He has been present in more than seventy solo and group shows held in museums, foundations and galleries around the world, including MoMA in New York, Palazzo delle Papesse in Siena, Galleria di Arte Moderna in Sarajevo, PAN of Naples, Bongsan Cultural Center in Korea . He has participated in numerous art fairs including Art Basel, Art Cologne, Artissima, MiArt, ARCO, FIAC, Palm Beach 3, Paris Photo, MIA&D Fair Singapore.








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