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Davide Bramante

I'm Rich

Opening Thursday, March 2nd, 2023


on view until April 8th, 2023

Galleria Anna Marra is pleased to present I’m Rich, which is the third exhibition of Davide Bramante’s works in its rooms.
This time the artist is presenting a nucleus of his most recent research and experiments, with new and previously unseen developments.

The exhibition features artworks that put together typical Bramante’s photographic techniques – multiple analogic exposures on the same frame of film – and the digitalization in the post-production phase.

For over 20 years Davide Bramante has used analogic cameras to tell a story of the world’s megalopolises, presenting in a single image a multitude of glances and views that overlap and entwine to create a new landscape, a new reality. A reality that escapes even the artist himself, but which is then fully revealed in his dark room as he develops the film. Bramante’s photographs tell the tale of the artist’s gaze, a sort of mapping of his travels and of all that attracted his attention along this journey.
In a single image one finds the Colosseum and the Gasometer or the Eiffel Tower and the Metro or the Taj Mahal and the Golden Temple or caravans of elephants and dromedaries or taxis and scooters. The spectator is taken back over places, times and situations in a whirlwind of visual stimuli that congeal the hierarchy of the past and the frenetic in contemporary metropolises in an instant.

Davide Bramante’s most recent production consists in experiments that add a further tesserae to the images represented.
The artist has intervened on some of his most iconic photographs and added to cityscapes from across the world, images of banknotes and coins, tangible symbols of the various countries.
The exhibition contains photographs of Florence, Milan, Bruxelles, Basel, Ghent, London, New York, Hong Kong and Rajasthan. Not only monuments, squares, streets and faces: in the Bramante portraits of these cities he presents their economic power.
The artist’s “open air museums”, to which we had become used, now appear invaded by capitalism. However this is not a tale of usurpation, but rather a new scenario, an additional element to represent the multiplicity of the real and the development of civilization.

The exhibition itinerary is further enriched by a few compositions created with real banknotes on which the artist has printed his own photographs, in a game of continual semantic reversals and an interchanging of meanings.

The exhibition will be accompanied by a publication (Gangemi edition) which gather texts by some representatives from the world of economics and finance: Andrea Battista, Patrizio Messina, Carlo Maria Pinardi and Luca Zitiello.



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