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Claudia Peill | In any place whatever

curated by Giorgia Calò


March 9th - April 22nd, 2017

On Thursday March 9th at 6:30 pm, Anna Marra Contemporanea will open Claudia Peill’s solo show, entitled In any place whatever, curated by Giorgia Calò.


The exhibition will show recent work by the artist, both medium and large works, in which Claudia Peill reveals the conscience of our metropolises’ landscapes, giving voice to their abandoned locations, the gaps and details of our urban fabric, presenting us with an “archeological” concept of our hyper-contemporary cities.


Claudia Peill works constantly on the idea of double.  She uses equally painting and photography in a continuous state of perceptive deception.

The fragments of reality captured in the digitally elaborated photographs are presented to the public as decontextualized forms and so difficult to relocate.  In counterpoint to these she adds painted layers of colour that overlap, which complete the narrative of the photographic image.  Her work contains no hierarchy between form and colour, between painting and photography, these melt into a single gesture: details of an abandoned building or mine, of a manhole cover, all elements of “architectonic desolation”, they are the spokespersons of an epoch, in constant dialogue with pictorial abstraction, forcing the spectator to drop the glance from the didactic and chaotic concepts of our contemporary cities.

No thought is to be made in only one way.  Through a metaphysical silence in which the image is divorced from the idea of temporality, Peill manages to extract the soul from a location, non-location from which she has deliberately excluded human presence.

Thus the artist overcomes the issue that for more than a century has questioned the role of painting in a world increasing full of photographic images, by creating a field on which these two different languages can dialogue, without prevarication but in a way that the one becomes the complement of the other.


In the small space that connects the two rooms of the gallery we find a series of refined black and white works on paper where, once again, Claudia Peill plays carefully studies about relationship between drawing and photography, between image and abstraction.




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