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YoYo Lander | Sumter, SC, 1986


Los Angeles-based artist YoYo Lander’s arresting collages celebrate her subjects' beauty, strength, and vulnerability. Lander highlights the intricacies of bodies and movement and compellingly captures the demeanor of her subjects. She takes several photographs of each of her sitters as reference material, then combines those perspectives into singular compositions by layering cut pieces of stained watercolor paper on top of watercolor paper, resulting in textural, multi-hued bodyscapes.

Lander has exhibited in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Stockholm, Brussels, Singapore, Paris, and Dubai. Lander's work is in the public collections of the Museum of Fine Arts Houston, the International African-American Museum of Charleston, SC, the California African-American Museum, and DeWoody’s Bunker Art Space to name a few.


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