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Vincenzo Rulli | My memory is somewhere else

a cura di Lorenzo Respi


September 24th - October 30th 2014



The new exhibition season opens on Wednesday, September 24th at 6:30pm with My memory is somewhere else, Vincenzo Rulli solo show curated by Lorenzo Respi. The exhibition also starts Focus on, dedicated to emergent artists and new researches.


My memory is somewhere else receives viewers in a rarefied and rigorous presentation, where techniques are compared and languages are experimented. Photographs, video, sculpture and installation, the works are set near each other in a game that continually refers us back to some works or points out contrasts with others.

Vincenzo Rulli presents an artistic journey started about 6 years ago and which saw him engaged cyclically, following the natural rhythm of the seasons, in the collection of flowers poplar that fall from the trees in the heart of major cities such as Rome and Berlin.

For the purpose the artist has created ad hoc tools, "gatherers" formed by pairs of rods that support a lightweight semi-transparent textile: like banners or posters from the parade, they have no useful objective, unlike normal objects in our everyday world, distract our attention from our habits urging us to ask ourselves about sense itself.

Photos and video support the travel of the artist to carry out his mission: the obstinate and endless search of the key to understand the reality which surrounds him, utilising the instruments he knows best, the ephemeral ones of creating art. A selection of photographic prints illustrate two critical moments in the performed action. Aside from the pictures there is a projection in loop of a video recording showing the collection of poplar seeds in the city park of Kreuzberg from a stationary camera, there are one of the seed collectors, cotton sacks full of seeds and a pair of light shoes, modelled on the artist’s foot.






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