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Stephen Langa | Mpumalanga, South Africa, 1995


Stephen Langa, hailing from the Limpopo province, is currently based and works in Johannesburg, South Africa.
Langa's artistic journey commenced at a tender age, evolving from sketching beloved cartoon characters ot honing his craft into a professional pursuit. His expertise spans across a multitude of mediums, including charcoal drawing, watercolor, oil painting and printmaking. His formal education in Art & Design at Tshwane North College ni Pretoria laid the groundwork for his artistic exploration. Further enriching his skills, he delved into the intricate realm of Printmaking at Artist Proof Studios (APS), a revered institution renowned for its dedication to printmaking excellence.
Notably, Langa has participated ni the prestigious IT. Web Brainstorm Art Calendar 2020, proudly sponsored by HUAWEI. His artistic contributions have been showcased in a myriad of group exhibitions and esteemed art fairs, including the Johannesburg Art Fair, South African Print Art Fair, TLC Student Lockdown Collection of 2020, Turbine Art Fair (2022, South Africa), 99 Loop Gallery (2022, South Africa) and the Kunstrai Art Fair (2023, Amsterdam), Things Left Unsaid (2023, Affinity Gallery Nigeria), A Field of Dreams (2023, BKHz Gallery, South Africa), and recently How Do You Want To See Yourself ( 2023, Gallery Anna Maara, Italy).
At the heart of Langa's body of work lies a profound exploration of the narratives and
experiences of black individuals, both within his community and on a deeply personal level. Drawing inspiration from the evocative Impressionist art period of the 20th century, he delves into the depths of human emotion, seeking to encapsulate and express the essence of his own journey through life.
Through meticulous research and introspection, Langa endeavors to translate his emotions into
visual form, infusing each artwork with a potent blend of authenticity and raw emotion. His artistic endeavors serve as a poignant testament to the power of creativity as a vessel for
storytelling and self-expression, resonating with audiences on a profound and visceral level. Artist statement:


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