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Perino & Vele, Túlio Pinto

Opening Saturday, March 5th, 2022

2pm - 8.30pm


on view until April 30th, 2022

MARRA\NOSCO proposes Roshambo a dialogue between some of the most recent works by the Italian duo Perino & Vele (Emiliano Perino, b 1973 New York - Luca Vele, b 1975 Rotondi) and works especially made for the exhibition by the Brazilian artist Túlio Pinto (b 1974 Porto Alegre). Artists whom concede extraordinary importance to material, whose works shape apparently unstable structures or visually infinite vulnerability, but which order reveals solidity and rigor.

The exhibition Roshambo is a rebound reflection on the game driven tension exerted by the appearances of objects. In this space inhabited by fragility and hardness, the materiality of objects calls into question the limits of the stable. In this space inhabited by fragility and hardness, the materiality of objects calls into question the limits of the stable. Roshambo refers to that childish game of hands in which the participants strive to guess and draw a winning strategy to defeat the rival. But it also deals with that immediate association that our gaze habitually establishes about the conscious value of elements of a different nature: rock – paper – scissors.

Since 1994, Perino & Vele have favored the use of papier-mache in their work. Through the use of this apparently fragile material, and often considered impersonal, but at the same time tremendously versatile, the artists explore the possibilities of the three-dimensional. Grinding newspapers of various colors (pink from Gazzetta dello Sport, yellow from Italia Oggi, beige from Il Sole 24 Ore, gray from Il Corriere della Sera or Il Mattino), they recycle the pages, a media mix that, once formed, returns to communicate.

In their work, Perino & Vele refer to words, news, or images extracted from the observation of what surrounds them. They also refer to a specific relationship between the subject and society, searching for a game between the irony of the meanings and the ambiguity of the materials, in a sort of communicative antagonism.

Often seen as pushing the limit of fragility within his sculpting practice by applying tension, weight, opposite material, architecture, balance and gravity, Túlio Pinto has developed a dialogue in his practice over the last decade of how very different materials are yet so complementary.

The fragility of glass can often hold tremendous amount of tension and weight from steel or marble counterpart in an attempt to remind us that fragility perhaps is also a strength as La Fontaine fable will remind us in the “The Oak and the Reed”.

Thus, the works presented place us at the limits of resistance and stability. Roshambo will be the first “duo” show by Túlio Pinto and Perino & Vele, and will open the second exhibition of MARRA\NOSCO Brussels.

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