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Emanuela Fiorelli  | In-tensioni reciproche


21 May 2014 



Wednesday, May 21 at 7.30pm and repeated at 8.30pm, Anna Marra Contemporanea will host, within the exhibition by Emanuela Fiorelli, The event horizon, curated by Lorenzo Respi, the performance In-tensioni reciproche.


The project is an in progress experiment of three artists of the visual and performative field: Massimo Cappellani (photography), Katia Di Rienzo (choreography and dance), Emanuela Fiorelli (installation).

The project stems from the desire to explore and amplify the theme of tension in a linguistic score to more semiotic registers. The three artistic signs at work in the performance act as an exploration of the different forms of tension.


In the installation the physical tension of the wire is the projection of the psycho-physical voltage with the world. Voltage that allows no fraying, thinning, weakening, which juts out into the relationship, to find new anchors or steps and then unfold and wrap themselves. But the tension is also an invisible force that is and will be in time, tough and hard till you drop...

The photograph moves on the double register of form and content. From the ambiguous rigidity of the geometries in movement, to the disorientation of the abstract sign, from the polarity of perception of the image, to the dynamic deformation of the material, the projection of pictures, with its explicit or symbolic content, with direct or evocative narration, describes irs vision of the world, played on subtraction and on the reversal of figure and ground, between light and shadow, between black and white, between rights and oppression.

Above bands in movement in a white space-time, neutral, potential, dance is "meat" digging the presence and the absence. Its visual textures through the membrane of the perceptible, will affect the opaque body, revealing the original vibration of iconic forces that resonate in the tensions of the present.






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