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Francesco Irnem | Questa è solo una promessa di felicità

curated by Raffaele Gavarro


September 24th - November 21st 2015


Anna Marra Contemporanea is pleased to announce Francesco Irnem's personal exhibition entitled: "This is only a promise of happiness" organised by Raffaele Gavarro. 


The exhibition presents three installations occupying respectively the two rooms of the gallery and the inner courtyard.  In the gallery Francesco Irnem has redefined the spaces and created an itinerary with a physical and visual crossing of space.  To do this he uses construction material, painted and photographic images and vegetal elements.


On entering visitors walk on an iron grate that redefines the floor of the gallery, while their gaze takes in the fragments sky contained in the cold industrial showcases.  Fragments obtained by a very careful preparation of canvases with oils and powdered limestone and graphite. 

The transitional environment between the two rooms contains piles of boards and iron grates, place against the walls as if they had been abandoned there, while in the centre of the second room, a single installation dominates the scene.  This is a simple geometric construction containing debris and bricks and under these last there are three identical upside down images of the Himalayas.

The architectonic structure in the courtyard is no less elementary, built in innocent pipes.  It contains a series of plants, of potted palms, as if it were a nursery, a nature reserve to be used as necessary.


This is only a promise of happiness is an explicit reference to that promesse de bonheur, that in Stendhal was the promise of beauty, first in Nietzsche and then in Adorno, it becomes an experience of the world the artist brings into being as he creates works of art.  An experience the viewer is invited to participate in.


The catalogue that accompanies This is only a promise of happiness is edited by Gangemi and contains a text by the organiser.





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