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Cydne Jasmin Coleby | Nassau, Bahamas, 1993


Cydne Jasmin Coleby is an interdisciplinary artist from The Bahamas, primarily working in digital and mixed media. Her texturally dense collages practice investigates the transformative effects of trauma and grief through a personal lens. Coleby’s practice meditates on the difficulty in distinguishing between which experiences (lived and inherited) inform, rather than define, our sense of identity.  Trained on home soil, Coleby pursued her associate’s degree in fine art from the University of The Bahamas before moving on to freelance graphic design with a specialty in brand design. After working successfully for several local entities, Coleby recommitted herself to her art practice in 2018 with her work in the ninth National Exhibition, “NE9: The Fruit and the Seed,” at the National Art Gallery of The Bahamas. Since then, she has participated in the Wassaic Project and Silver Art Project residencies. Her work has been exhibited in Europe, Asia, Central America, the United States, and the Caribbean, and her art is part of the permanent collections of The Syracuse University - Art Museum Syracuse, NY, and Xiao Museum of Contemporary Art, Rizhao, China.


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