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Paolo Grassino | The sustainable visibility of absence

curated by Lorenzo Respi


May 18th - June 30th, 2017

Anna Marra Contemporanea is glad to present The sustainable visibility of absence, a Paolo Grassino solo show, curated by Lorenzo Respi, which will open on Thursday 18 May 2017.


The exhibited sculptures, from the series serie Nodi (2015), C.C.R. Roma (2017) and Fiato (2017), together with the works on paper from the series Eclisse (2017), tell of the invisible, both physical and mental, and translate the concept of absence into tangible form, in an attempt, perhaps impossible, and transform into imaginable that which is unimaginable and can only exist in our thoughts, memories or imaginations. It is precisely the sustainable visibility of absence.


Today’s perennially shifting society is so complex that one doubts the certainty of the sensorial experiences and perceptions of real data that often slip through our fingers without our even realizing it. The world we see is conflictual, fragmented and individualist. It confuses our ideas and leaves us disoriented. In it spaces are left empty and in shadow. Individuals are anesthetized little by little, our actions and thoughts are inhibited and our will is annihilated. Man’s condition is made fragile by the torpor brought on by our daze and this increases our sense of interior solitude and diffidence toward others.

Paolo Grassino reacts to this unsustainable existence by bringing forth a humanist production in a single creative act. He completely upends the terms of the reflection: the object to be investigated is not what you see, but what is no longer there or never was or cannot be seen.


In the gallery’s spaces he recreates a firm image of the current status, an emotive and intimate environment, suspended outside time, but in which the spectator reacquires his own temporality to reflect on his/her existential condition and social conditioning.

Paolo Grassino is aware of the inevitability of destiny and inscrutability of the unknown, but he also believes in the uniqueness of life and in affirming the principle of the existence of this absence of corporality all its psychic and social implications.

For the artist, there is one and only one reality, humans, animals, objects and architecture, space and time are all part, in harmony. 

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