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Aurora Pellizzi | Mexico, 1983



Aurora Pellizzi work playfully combines formal concepts of painting and sculpture – such as abstraction, perspective, figure, and ground – with traditional textile techniques and practices – most notably weaving and natural dyeing. Humor acts as a catalyst dissipating the traditionally ascribed divide between craft and art. Included in the exhibition are works made of felt, as well as one ayate (the ayate is a pre-Hispanic garment or accessory hand- woven on backstrap-looms out of handspun maguey or agave fibers). Pellizzi uses natural infusions and combinations of indigo, brazilwood, cochineal, avocado pits, and Aztec marigold to produce her color palette.

Aurora Pellizzi (Mexico City, 1983) lives and works in Mexico City, Mexico.

Pellizzi’s work combines formal precepts of painting and sculpture with craft techniques. Her practice is informed by pre-industrial textile processes and materials, from natural dyeing to back-strap loom weaving. Technical constraints give way to textural, dimensional shapes and forms. Fiber is used both as a pictorial field and as the embodiment of the subject it represents.

Her work has been exhibited in Colombia, France, Italy, Mexico, Morocco, the United Kingdom, and the United States.



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