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Daniela Papadia | La Tavola dell'Alleanza

curated by Sveva Manfredi Zavagia


12 June 2014 | Rebibbia Prison Disctrict


Table of alliance is a performance conceived by the artist Daniela Papadia, which embraces art, science, multiculturalism and spirituality. 
At center stage, a table covered with a tapestry on which is embroidered the mapping of the human genome and 36 members of the scientific and culturally scene, engaged in dialogue around a banquet. 
The tapestry was embroidered by a group of six women of different nationalities, held inside the Rebibbia’s prison, as evidence of highly symbolic participation in the work. 
Another key player is the performance of the banquet, that in the intention of the artist Daniela Papadia becomes a revelatory moment of human being, made of communion, fellowship and conviviality. The feast thus becomes a celebration of life, dialogue and peace, with guests who will have freedom of action and expression, and who will be asked to identify a word to them representative and indispensable. The result of this reflection will then be embroidered held by them. 
The performance, curated by Sveva Manfredi Zavaglia, with the support of the art gallery Anna Marra Contemporanea, is traveling and provides various stages in symbolic places yet to be defined. The first stage of the performance will be on June 12 in Rome, from 19.30 to 21.30, in the Rebibbia’s prison with the presence, among others, of the inmates who have contributed to the creation of the tapestry.  
Committed to the stove there will be the chef Cristina Bowerman of Glass Hostaria Rome, Michelin star in 2010, who, with her talent, will coordinate the inmates in the realization of the dishes. 
According to Daniela Papadia, combine genome text with the symbolic meaning of the nutrition and the different traditions and cultures suggestions, means to put into dialogue art, science and civil matters. 
In this journey to the center of man, the artist Daniela Papadia relies on the scientific contribution of Dr. Gianni Soldati, head of research at the Foundation Stem Cells Switzerland and founder of the Laboratory of Molecular Diagnostics Lugano, Switzerland. 
The performance will be shooted, aiming to the creation of a documentary directed by Francesco Miccichè, and a photographic reportage realized by Carlo Bevilacqua. 

The project is curated by Sveva Manfredi Zavaglia and supported by Anna Marra Contemporanea. 






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